Utility Devices Special


7 peek devices, 1 switching envelope, and 1 deck switch for the working performer.

When you require a method which is bulletproof, easy, and down-right devious, these devices are the go-to choices.  They all look like normal objects/possessions, and yet still hide a secret.

  • Palantir: a peek envelope
  • Wallet of Elrond: a peek wallet
  • Sierpinski’s Peek: 2 ways to peek a playing card… while it’s in the deck, and while the deck is in the box
  • Peeks of Chaos: 3 ways to build a billet-peeking device with a card box
  • MIQa Box:  a devilish deck switch
  • Envelope-atron:  This is one convincing switching envelope

Demos of each are below!




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