The Other Effect


The Dream Effect is an audio prediction system, allowing you to appear to foretell the events and meaning of a person’s dreams.  Or at least, that is what it was intended for.  The method allows you to document any type of prediction:

– Marriage dates before people are engaged
– Child’s names before they are born
– Life goals of a participant before you meet them
– Contents of someone’s dreams before they tell you
– You can use it as proof that you have planned to influence someone to think of a certain image
– etc.

This was designed to be one of those “after the show effects”, which gives the participant a little miracle even after the show ended.  However, I have included a method to use this as a part of the performance as well.

It is an extremely powerful method, and if incorporated appropriately, will not be doubted or backtracked.  It has been used by psychics for dream interpretation/foretelling, and by mentalists to add another aspect of mystery to their reputation.  This is not for “casual mentalism” or “mental magic” – in order for it to be perceived as a real divination, it cannot be presented as something which may be perceived as a trick.  That said, it will work for predicting any kind of information which can be verbally or audibly described.  It’s up to the performer to decide how to use it.



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