Peek Tools Special


This includes 3 Peek Projects, containing 5 devices:
Wallet of Elrond: A wallet for peeking folded billets

Sierpinski’s Peek: A device for peeking a card while it is in the center of the deck… and while the deck is in the box.

Peeks of Chaos:

  • Mockra Peek:  A card box which allows you to peek a billet/card
  • Meanas Peek: A card box in which you slide a billet/card under the cellophane, then obtain a full peek as you set the box down
  • Meanas Peek Update: A card box allowing you to slide a card/billet into the box, and obtain a full peek as you set the box down

There is over an hour and a half of instruction total, 5 devices, with 2 full routines.


Wallet of Elrond Demo

Sierpinski’s Peek

Peeks of Chaos (update)

Peeks of Chaos (one of the routines)



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