Of Paradise


Here is a collection of Open Prediction methods, for the working mentalist or magician.  Each method is clean, using no gimmicks.

These methods employ unorthodox techniques, and will take some practice.  Since only sleight-of-hand is required, you no longer need to carry extra gimmicks or special decks to perform this type of effect.

A spectator makes a free selection, the selection is replaced, and is then shown to match your prediction.

Demo video below.

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Four methods are included.  Each one is 100% clean.

You can use a borrowed, shuffled deck.  There are no gimmicks, no R/S, no SF, and no sticky stuff.  These methods rely purely on sleight-of-hand, and thus, they have a perfect hit rate.

A spectator selects any card, and without looking at it, it is replaced (reversed) in the deck.  The deck is spread on the table, and the card is later (or immediately) removed.  The selection is shown to match your prediction.


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