The Dream Effect


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    The Dream Effect is a documentation of your dreams. This allows us to have and present prophetic dreams, which pertain directly to your audience member(s). With this principle, you can:
    – Predict someone’s dreams before you meet them
    – Predict marriage dates before people get engaged
    – Predict a child’s name before pregnancy
    – Predict the name of a person’s pet – before they get one.

    You can truly predict anything, the sky is the limit. You should not use this at every gig; only use it when it will have maximum impact.

    The method is not backtrack-able, it’s 100% reliable, and it’s dead easy to do. Included are variations for TV and radio performances.


    The PDF is 37 pages, and contains:
    – The Dream Effect method (both versions)
    – “The Angel’s Gift” – from “The Book of Light”
    – “A Gathering” – Fully scripted routine, utilizing the Dream Effect
    – Additional Ideas, as well as radio and TV variations


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