The Crystal


    This is as close to real magic as you’ll get.  See video below.
    The Crystal serves as a physical and visual representation of any sort of “energy transfer” or spirit work, and all without any “magic trick” feel.  The change from clear to red is gradual, and looks, well, supernatural.

    Here are some things you can do with it:
    – Draw out negative energy
    – Charge the crystal
    – Remove a spirit from a tombstone
    – Capture a spirit in an exorcism
    – Harness a memory
    – Give positive energy to someone
    – Convince a person they are hallucinating

    This is only for the serious performer – someone who does not have qualms with making claims about psychic or metaphysical phenomena.  And while this crystal was discovered quite by mistake, it will likely become the most powerful performance tool you own, and for that reason, only 6 people may buy this.  2 crystals come with each purchase.


    The price may seem high, but I assure you, it is with good reason.  The Crystal is intended for the psychics, hypnotists,  metaphysical workers, and other mentalists who claim real ability.  It is not a magic trick, nor should it be used as one.

    Upon purchase, you will receive an email from me, regarding shipping information.



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