The Book of Wonders


Magic, Mentalism, and Mysticism Volume 3

– 6 Multi-phase Routines
– A Method for Turning Rain to Blood
– Essays



Description:  Welcome to the third volume of the “Magic, Mentalism, and Mysticism” series.  These routines are the kind which have deep and wondrous effects on all who witness.  Take your audience on journeys from the forest streams to the cosmos, all while conveying a message, telling a story, and presenting beautiful and magical feats.

Moments Lost:   Divine details of a participant’s memory, and perform a vanished writing effect at the end.

Vale of Stars:  Make a prediction of what name a participant will see as they look to the stars.

Tears of Angels:  As the sky weeps with us in sorrow, the rain turns to blood.

From Beyond:  A multi-phase act, incorporating a musical prediction, a significant number divination, a drawing duplication, a name-guess, and a numbers-to-notes revelation at the finish.

Atlantis:   A multi-phase act, involving invisible touches, a memory divination, a symbol revelation between two participants, and selected readings from Dante, Keats, and Plato.

Vale of Stars II:  Two participants each imagine seeing the same symbol amongst the stars.  No pre-show or confederates necessary.  And this has nothing to do with star signs.


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