Black Flame


    Only available for the next 3 days.  Video below.  Also includes a PDF routine, called “The Oculist”.

    Black Flame allows you to mystically reveal (or force) a name, number, symbol, or drawing, within the scorch mark from a flame.

    This requires zero advance preparation, can be setup right in front of the spectators, you can borrow the pen and paper, and it’s an instant reset.

    Black Flame can be used to reveal: selected cards, named cards, star signs, relative’s names.  You can use it for a drawing duplication, to force an idea on someone who is in a trance, to transfer thoughts through fire, the sky is the limit.

    There is one item which is needed, but you probably already own it.  Otherwise it can be picked up at a dollar store or craft store for 1 dollar or less.




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